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Furnace Family improved customer engagement & online reputation

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Company Snapshot

Furnace Family is an HVAC business based in Edmonton, Canada. The business takes pride in providing superior customer service, trademanship, and 100% satisifaction.

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  • October 2019


In order to better achieve their goals, Furnace Family wanted to do two things. First of all, the team wanted to connect with customers through the ability to generate reviews and receive feedback. Next, the team wanted to collect social proof in order to build credibility with prospects. 

Previously, Furnace Family was using Podium to handle its customer review and communication needs. Unfortunately, the business was just not getting the results that it was looking for. The Podium dashboard did not give the team the functionality they were looking for when it came to sending text messages and managing reviews. So the team decided to turn to Birdeye.

Birdeye provided Furnace Family with everything that Podium did not: an easy-to-use dashboard, the ability to communicate with customers via email and text, and custom reporting so that team members could keep track of online reputation. 

"There’s three things we found with Birdeye that were beneficial for any small business owner: The ease of using the dashboard, the ability to send texts and emails, and the ability to turn negative situations around."
Alisa Makowski
Alisa MakowskiMarketing Director

Communicating with customers and prospects

Furnace Family wanted to make sure that it could stay on top of all customer messages on channels like text and email. While previous solutions did not satisfy the company’s needs, Birdeye did. 

The Birdeye Inbox allows Furnace Family to communicate with customers through Facebook Messenger, text, email, and website chat- all in one place. Team members can easily communicate with customers who reach out on any of these channels with questions and comments and respond in a very timely fashion.

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Automatic integration

Furnace Family loves that Birdeye has an integration with the business system they use, Service Titan. This allows the business to send review requests automatically. Now, customers get review requests the same day as a service appointment without team members having to lift a finger. 

As a result, the business is able to collect hundreds of reviews from customers. Since starting with Birdeye, Furnace Family has gotten more than 800 reviews on Google. Now, the team finds that the majority of new customers say they found the business through online reviews

Collecting direct feedback from customers

Unlike Podium, Birdeye offers businesses the opportunity to collect Direct Feedback, a feature that competitors do not offer. When customers submit feedback, it does not go on a review site but rather goes to the business owner directly. Sometimes, both happy and unhappy customers have feedback that would better be handled privately than in a public setting. Having this option gives Furnace Family the opportunity to respond to this kind of feedback constructively.  

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Looking at Birdeye review reports

With Birdeye, Furnace Family could easily understand the impact that Birdeye was having on their business. Birdeye’s review reports give the team visibility into changes in the business’s online reputation

Birdeye review reports allow the team to see how many reviews they have received and where these reviews are coming from. If Furnace Family wants to see how many reviews they’re getting over time and the source of these reviews, they can do so by simply pulling up the relevant report. 

Why Birdeye was the best choice for Furnace Family Heating & Air Conditioning

After just a few months of using Birdeye, the team at Furnace Family was convinced that they had made the right decision. Birdeye’s comprehensive customer experience platform helped the business get discovered in search results and get connected with customers. 

Birdeye: The Obvious Choice

Winning over 400 awards for 10 quarters in a row, Birdeye is the most-awarded and highest-rated customer experience software for businesses of all sizes.

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