Social Publishing & Calendar

Generate and post social content with ease

Streamline social content generation and scheduling across locations with bulk publishing and AI-powered tools.

Social Publishing & Calendar
Local Social Media Management

Manage multi-location social publishing from one place

Easily create and publish social content for multiple business locations from a single dashboard. Create one post that can be automatically personalised with local details to save time and create brand consistency.

Publish Everywhere
AI-Generated Social Posts

Turn ideas into social posts with AI

Goodbye writer’s block. Hello increased productivity. Simply enter an idea for a social post and our AI-powered content generator will do the rest — creating a social post optimised with emojis, hashtags, and image suggestions.

AI-Generated Social Posts
AI-powered Holiday post generator

Draft holiday posts with ease

Effortlessly craft compelling holiday social media posts with just a few clicks. Simply select your desired occasion and let BirdAI suggest content that is relevant for your industry and business.

AI-powered Holiday post generator
Visual Editor

Create engaging social posts

Uplift your social content with images, emojis, hashtags, and links. Use our built-in visual editor to customise your designs uniquely and with ease. Upload and store media files such as images and videos in the social library for future use.

Visual Editor
Approval workflows

Automate content approval workflows

Create configurable workflows to route social media posts to internal and external collaborators for feedback and approval. Notify collaborators via email and allow them to approve, reject, and share feedback with ease.

Approval workflows
Media Library

Access royalty free images & media

Find the perfect image or GIF for your next post in our robust library of royalty free stock images and media from Pexels, Pixabay, and Giphy.

Drag drop your designs
Link Shortener

Shrink your links

Shorten long links in a click to make them easier on the eyes and create space for your content.

Shrink your links
Social Scheduling

Schedule posts in advance

Maintain a steady stream of quality content by scheduling posts. Simply select your desired date and time in your local time zone.

Social Scheduling
Social Calendar

Visualise your social calendar

Get a holistic view of past and pending social posts across locations and channels. Filter by date, status, channel, location, and region. Drag and drop to reschedule posts.

Social Calendar
Review sharing

Amplify your best reviews

Generate buzz for your brand by turning your best reviews into social posts. You can even create rules to auto-share reviews using pre-built templates.

Amplify your best reviews
Birdeye Social for Agencies

Publish content to multiple clients with ease

Organise your clients into custom content groups based on industry, region, topic and more. Use these groups to efficiently publish and schedule relevant social posts for hundreds of clients in one go.

Social for Agencies
Bulk Uploads

Upload social posts from a spreadsheet

Streamline the social post creation process and reduce errors using bulk upload that allows you to import up to 500 social posts across channels and locations from a spreadsheet and schedule them in one go.

social posts via spreadsheet

Do more with Birdeye Social


Tune-in, track, and message your audience — all from a single dashboard.

Social Analytics and Reporting

Measure success, understand results, and optimise your social strategy.

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