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Unlocking world-class online reputation and customer referrals with Birdeye

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Company Snapshot

Superior Storage operates more than 24 self-storage locations across Wisconsin, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Arkansas. Their facilities are meticulously maintained, offering a range of convenient and secure features to facilitate a smooth moving experience. Superior Storage emphasizes a customer-centric approach, ensuring that each storage feature is carefully crafted based on years of industry experience, providing a consistently high-quality experience. Superior Storage also guarantees to prioritize customer satisfaction, promising to accommodate needs for rental cancellations or addressing any complaints.

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"Before Birdeye, our average monthly Google review count had been 25 reviews across all locations. After implementing Birdeye, we saw an immediate difference of 45-50 new reviews each month."
Brandon Wipperfurth
Brandon WipperfurthDirector of Marketing


Superior Storage has always recognized the significance of maintaining a positive online reputation to attract potential customers and outshine competitors. Before partnering with Birdeye, Superior Storage employed a manual approach to solicit reviews and referrals. Location managers were encouraged to be proactive in seeking Google reviews and offered incentives to request reviews consistently. Despite these efforts, Superior Storage faced challenges in generating a substantial number of reviews and referrals that truly reflected their satisfied customer base. 

Acknowledging the role their online reputation and customer referrals played in their bottom line,  they recognized the need for an automated system to streamline the processes of review generation and referral management.

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"In our business, self-storage, referrals are really important because not every self-storage facility is run well. So when someone is looking for a facility to store their belongings, it can be really helpful to the customer if someone they know had a good experience with us."

Brandon Wipperfurth
Brandon WipperfurthDirector of Marketing

Automating Customer Feedback

With Birdeye, Superior Storage has streamlined their review request process by automating the distribution of emails and texts to customers. These messages include a link for customers to submit reviews on Google and other platforms effortlessly. The company can tailor the review site links for each storage facility, ensuring specific feedback for individual locations. By promptly sending review requests following the customers' experience, Superior Storage has seen improved review conversion rates from their streamlined outreach.

Additionally, with Birdeye, Superior Storage witnessed a notable increase in online reviews and ratings. The customization capabilities and automated reminders enabled by Birdeye, including integration with SiteLink, have proven to be significant advantages for Superior Storage. This automation has simplified their processes, allowing them to shift their focus towards enhancing customer satisfaction.

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Since using Birdeye, Superior Storage has seen the following key improvements:

  • 268% increase in reviews
  • 256% increase in review responses
  • 49% increase in web visits
  • 44% increase in search views
  • 86% increase in directions

Birdeye-powered Referrals

Superior Storage promptly adopted Referrals to establish an automated and efficient method for acquiring and monitoring referrals. To avoid overwhelming customers, the company customized their campaigns to send referral requests two weeks after a customer's move-in. This approach enables customers to comfortably share Superior Storage with friends through various channels such as text, email, social media, and more. 

Birdeye’s user-friendly referral reporting has made results more transparent for Superior Storage.  With their Birdeye dashboard, they can effortlessly track who shared referrals, where these referrals were shared, and the resulting leads.

The tangible outcomes are evident, with the initial month of automated referrals yielding impressive results. Twenty-six individuals shared their positive experiences with Superior Storage, resulting in six new customers.

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"I really appreciate the simplicity and clarity of the Birdeye dashboard; it's easy to navigate and generate reports."
Brandon Wipperfurth
Brandon WipperfurthDirector of Marketing

Centralized Review Management

Birdeye has also streamlined the review and referral management process for Superior Storage by providing a centralized dashboard. This allows managers and locations to conveniently access their specific reviews, while Brandon gains insight into the performance of each location and identifies any emerging trends. 

As a multi-location company, Birdeye simplifies the management of all review sites across all locations through a single dashboard. Birdeye’s Google integration enables Superior Storage to respond to reviews directly from the Birdeye dashboard enabling the team to address customer inquiries and feedback through the dashboard promptly. This ensures a quick and efficient response to both positive and negative experiences.

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Elevating Excellence with Award-Winning Support

Beyond the technical solutions offered by Birdeye, Superior Storage, Birdeye’s customer service has helped them stand out from the rest. When Superior Storage sought a strategic partner, the importance of having a dedicated support representative to assist them in achieving their goals was paramount. 

Describing the support from Birdeye as 'top-notch' and the best among all companies they have worked with, Superior Storage acknowledges the priceless role that Birdeye's support plays in their operations. With both cutting-edge tools and exceptional support, Birdeye swiftly proved to be a valuable partner, contributing significantly to Superior Storage's differentiation in a competitive market.

“Birdeye does the hard work, making our jobs easier, and provides top-notch service to better your business."
Brandon Wipperfurth
Brandon WipperfurthDirector of Marketing

Building Strong Customer Connections and Growth with Birdeye

Superior Storage has experienced significant growth and improved customer engagement since implementing Birdeye's comprehensive solutions. Recognizing the importance of online reputation, the company automated its review request process, resulting in increased reviews and enhanced customer feedback. The integration of Birdeye Referrals further automated the acquisition and tracking of referrals, with impressive results in the first month. Birdeye's centralized dashboard facilitates efficient management of reviews and referrals across 29 facilities, while the award-winning customer service provided by Birdeye has played a crucial role in Superior Storage's success, making them stand out in a competitive market.

Start growing with Birdeye today! Schedule a demo today, call 1-800-561-3357 ext 1, or send an email to sales@birdeye.com. 

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