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How eyeTrust Sharpens Vision Care with Reviews, Messaging, and Reporting

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Company Snapshot

With over 35 years of experience in the Greater Toronto area, eyeTrust Eyecare is a renowned family of eye care professionals dedicated to providing exceptional vision care services and products. Comprising of various Kodak Lens Vision Centres-affiliated optometrists and optical locations, , eyeTrust prides itself on excellence in patient care, fueled by core values of Trust, Teamwork, Commitment, Communication, and Innovation.

  • 10 locations
  • March 2018


Before implementing Birdeye, eyeTrust faced challenges in efficiently managing customer reviews and feedback across multiple locations, relying on manual processes for reporting. However, after adopting Birdeye's suite of products, including Reviews, Messaging, and Reports, eyeTrust underwent a transformation in their approach to customer interaction, feedback collection, and operational efficiency.

A New Look at Review Requests

Previously, eyeTrust relied on manual methods to collect patient feedback, resulting in inconsistent results and missed insights into patient satisfaction. With Birdeye Reviews, this changed. With the support of automation, every patient receives a review request via email and text post-appointment, leading to a dramatic increase in review volume. This enriches eyeTrust's dataset with a broader range of patient feedback and improves online reputation.

Focused Feedback with Streamlined Review Management

The integration of Birdeye Reviews has significantly transferred how eyeTrust engages with patient feedback, allowing them to actively monitor and address patient experiences. This shift towards a more dynamic feedback management system underlines eyeTrust's dedication to exceeding patient expectations and maintaining the highest standards of care and trust.

With Birdeye Reviews, eyeTrust can quickly identify both positive feedback and areas for improvement through a centralized dashboard. Additionally, it facilitates timely responses to patient feedback through automatic replies and customized templates. 

Since partnering with Birdeye, eyeTrust has seen:

  • 9.3k New Reviews Generated Across All Sources 
  • 2116.96% Increase In Reviews
  • 1.1 Million Profile Impressions
  • 15.2k New Messages Received
  • 1.8k Google Business Messages Received

"Birdeye has helped us build a notably better online reputation that has helped with word-of-mouth referrals within our clinic and among our patients. This has resulted in increased inquiries directly attributed to our reputation."
Taylor Chung
Taylor ChungOptician & Marketing Manager
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A Birdeye View with Messaging

Birdeye Messaging has significantly strengthened communication between eyeTrust Eyecare and their patients, ensuring swift and effective responses to inquiries about services, appointments, or care. 

Their Birdeye Inbox enables streamlined message management across platforms, ensuring consistent patient communication and a personalized approach to care. By integrating channels such as SMS, email, Webchat, Google Business Messages, and social media platforms into a single hub, all communications are efficiently managed.

This consolidated approach guarantees that no message is left unanswered and eliminates the need to juggle between various communication channels. This has helped improve responsiveness and foster trust and satisfaction among patients, underscoring eyeTrust’s commitment to excellence and innovative patient care.

GMB: Always in Sight

A key aspect of enhancing eyeTrust's communication through Birdeye is the integration with Google Business Messages. This powerful feature allows eyeTrust to tap into a wider audience by connecting with patients directly through Google Search and Maps. 

Patients searching for eyeTrust locations or services on Google can instantly initiate a chat through the Google Business listing, making it incredibly easy to ask questions, get directions, or book appointments without leaving the search results page.  Since integrating Google Business Messages, eyeTrust Eyecare has seen over 1.8k new Google Business Messages, allowing them to serve more patients directly from their Google search.

As a Google partner, Birdeye consolidates Google Business Messages in the Birdeye Inbox, making it convenient for eyeTrust Eyecare to respond to all communications in one location.  This Google Business Messages integration includes automated greetings, FAQs, and the ability to connect with patients when and where they prefer.

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Visionary Communication with Web Chat

Birdeye Webchat has revolutionized eyeTrust's patient engagement strategy by introducing an essential layer of immediacy and accessibility to their communication channels. Patients no longer need to rely solely on traditional methods such as phone calls or emails for inquiries, scheduling, or general support.

The integration of a live chat functionality through Birdeye enables eyeTrust to provide real-time assistance to patients, ensuring that their needs are addressed promptly and effectively. This advancement in direct interaction has significantly improved the overall service experience for patients, making it more responsive, personalized, and patient-focused. 

"Birdeye reporting streamlines our decision-making process with its graphical and chart formats, allowing for easy visualization and sharing with our team. It simplifies accessing and understanding business insights, enabling quicker and more informed decisions without the need for manually creating charts."
Taylor Chung
Taylor ChungOptician & Marketing Manager
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Clearer Insights with Birdeye Reporting

Birdeye Reports have ushered in a new era of data analysis and decision-making for eyeTrust Eyecare, marking a significant departure from the cumbersome methods of the past. Previously reliant on manual processes like spreadsheets for tracking patient feedback and performance metrics, the integration of Birdeye Reports has introduced a level of sophistication and clarity in eyeTrust's data analysis efforts.

With intuitive graphical representations and the ability to track Net Promoter Scores (NPS), Birdeye Reports provides eyeTrust with a comprehensive overview of their clinic's performance and patient satisfaction levels. This newfound clarity enables eyeTrust to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement with ease and accuracy. The graphical nature of Birdeye Reports allows for easy visualization and understanding of complex data sets, eliminating the need for manual chart creation and interpretation and reducing the risk of human error.

Additionally, by benchmarking performance against industry standards and tracking progress over time, the implementation of Birdeye Reports has armed eyeTrust with a unified view of performance enriched with actionable insights. This enables informed decisions that directly impact patient satisfaction, retention, and referrals. 

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Beyond 20/20: eyeTrust’s Digital Transformation with Birdeye

The adoption of Birdeye's suite of products has been instrumental in eyeTrust Eyecare's journey toward digital transformation. By enhancing the management of customer feedback, improving online visibility, and facilitating better communication with patients, eyeTrust has not only maintained but also elevated its commitment to excellence in vision care. 

Birdeye's tools have enabled EyeTrust to stay true to its core values of Trust, Commitment, Teamwork, Communication, and Innovation. This fosters a remarkable patient experience that stands testament to the power of digital advancement in healthcare. Start your transformation with Birdeye today!

Schedule a demo, call 1-800-561-3357 ext 1, or send an email to sales@birdeye.com. 

"Birdeye has evolved beyond review management to include a broad range of features that significantly enhance not only our customer service but also other aspects of business improvement.”
Taylor Chung
Taylor ChungOptician & Marketing Manager

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