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May 02, 2019

Smarter integration with BE Connector 3.0

NewThe intuitive version of BE Connector 3.0 offers multiple new features with wider coverage, smarter usage and much more.
Smarter integration with BE Connector 3.0

Excited to announce, BE Connector 3.0 is now available. BE Connector 3.0 is smarter, intuitive and has more coverage. The connector offers a step-by-step guide on installation, has built-in logic for assistance and detects incorrect configurations. 

Advantageous to its users, the HIPAA compliant connector is an in-house platform that does not need the systems to be online 24x7. Check-in requests get stored and are sent as soon as the application is connected to the internet. It offers flexibility in scheduling review requests with an option to configure day(s) of the week, time (multiple run times in a day), and retries (in case of failure). 

BE Connector at present supports 3 PMSs covering ~70% of the businesses. These PMSs are Eaglesoft (version 18,19 and 20), Open Dental (all versions) and Dentrix (G5.0 and above).