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May 04, 2023

Save time with digital intake forms

NewCollect vital patient information before patients arrive and automatically push data to your PMS - saving time and eliminating data entry errors.
Save time with digital intake forms

Once an appointment is booked, medical practitioners need a whole lot of information before the patient comes in. Today, the front desk sends this manually, or the patient must fill it out when they arrive for their appointment. 

Birdeye Appointments now allows businesses to customize and send patient intake forms to collect relevant information before an appointment. You can email or text your customers the form link once their appointment is booked. 

With digital intake forms, you can:

Eliminate paper forms: Offer patients a modern experience with mobile-friendly intake forms. Use prebuilt templates to collect patient information, medical history, HIPAA consent, and more.

Send forms automatically: Create customized workflows that send personalized forms to patients via email and text after an appointment is booked.

Push form data to your health record system: Auto-sync completed form responses to your health record system.

Birdeye integrates with more than a dozen leading CRMs and patient management systems like Dentrix, Eaglesoft, and more - letting you view patient details, doctor availability, and appointments in real time from a single dashboard.

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