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Feb 01, 2023

Birdeye Social - Social media platform for multi-location businesses

NewSocial media allows you to connect with customers and prospective clients. 71% of consumers who’ve had positive experiences with brands on social media are more likely to refer them to family and friends.
Birdeye Social - Social media platform for multi-location businesses

Birdeye Social is a social media reputation platform for multi-location businesses to bulk publish personalized social content across locations, monitor social reputation, engage with potential buyers, and grow revenue. 

With Birdeye Social, multi-location businesses can monitor, schedule, respond, measure, and publish to multiple channels for all their locations while customizing each in one place, saving valuable time, money, and hassle.

Birdeye Social is:


  • Save time and avoid the hassle by managing customer reviews, listing, social media, and customer messaging in one place 
  • Strengthen reputation by turning reviews (on Google and other platforms) into social posts 
  • Publish social posts and respond to comments right from the Birdeye platform 
  • Respond to customer messages on the social platforms right from the Birdeye inbox 


  • Easy-to-use publishing tool to create and schedule your social posts 
  • Create appealing visual content to drive engagement 
  • Easily monitor what customers and prospects are talking about you on social media 
  • Respond to negative comments before they escalate

Built for Multi-location 

  • Create and publish posts to multi-location social accounts across multiple social platforms at once 
  • Maintain brand voice across social media while having local nuances 
  • Friendly pricing structure for multi-location businesses 

Birdeye’s social media management solution integrates several features that help you get more from your social media presence. From our social publishing feature that lets you schedule your social media posts to our social sharing feature to share positive reviews with your followers, Birdeye helps boost your brand’s awareness and revenue.

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