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Nov 26, 2018

Birdeye makes Webchat more intuitive and user-friendly

ImprovementBirdeye has released a new Webchat user interface that's more intuitive and easy for use. The new Webchat will be available for business websites, paid profiles, and free profiles.
Birdeye makes Webchat more intuitive and user-friendly

Birdeye's Webchat greatly helps businesses to increase their website conversions. We at Birdeye, continuously look for improvements and upgrades in our technology. In the purview of enhancing the experience, Birdeye has introduced a more intuitive user interface for Webchat. The new floating Webchat window is more user-friendly and easy to use.

The changes are made in all the places associated with Webchat including business websites, paid profiles and free profiles. The new Webchat window will display a 'Thank you' message when the customer submits the form. On a similar note, if there is an error sending the message, there will be an error message on the Webchat window.