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Jan 04, 2019

Birdeye introduces Customer Experience Reports

NewUsers can now analyze customer experience template's effectiveness with easy to view reports.
Birdeye introduces Customer Experience Reports

Birdeye has announced detailed Customer Experience Reports to evaluate a CX template's effectiveness. Placed under 'Campaign reports', these reports are available in four forms.

These are one of the most vital reports is the conversion overview funnel. They are used to analyze the CX template's success. It contains data for events such as email/SMS sent, opened and clicked. The next report gives an NPS breakdown for the business to measure customer experience sentiment, customer experience sentiment over time and an exclusive customer experience sentiment by locations for enterprise accounts.

Easy to view and manage, all reports have the option to be downloaded and be sent by email. These reports can be viewed in both chart and table view. In addition, filters are available for users to view reports for multiple locations or over a specific time duration.