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Oct 12, 2018

Birdeye introduces Customer Experience Templates

NewNow, you can gain insight into how customers feel about your services and request reviews, all in just one click!
Birdeye introduces Customer Experience Templates

Birdeye has launched Customer Experience (CX) templates to help businesses get insight into how customers feel about their services - in just one click! That's not all, these CX templates can be combined with review requests to gain two actions out of one single effort.

Understanding how customers feel about your brand or service is the first step to success. Measuring customer sentiment and gaining reviews or direct feedback is therefore critical for any business. This new module addresses issues quickly and has a greater chance of converting detractors into promoters.

A highly useful feature, templates are user-friendly and can be easily sent via email or SMS. Using the CX template, businesses can measure customer sentiment using three different question types - NPS (Net Promoter Score), 5-Star Rating or Sentiment buttons.