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Setting New Standards in Healthcare Digital Strategy with Birdeye

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Company Snapshot

Since their establishment in 2010, Quick Care Med has seen impressive growth across North Central Florida, thanks to their unwavering focus on providing exceptional patient care. With a commitment to delivering prompt, accessible, and high-quality healthcare services at affordable rates, Quick Care Med aims to become a leader in outpatient healthcare on a national scale. Central to their vision is the continuous improvement of operational efficiency and the enhancement of patient satisfaction.

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  • October 2019


Quick Care Med sought to modernize their online presence with Birdeye’s automated platform, recognizing the need to streamline operations and enhance online accuracy. By implementing Birdeye’s solution Quick Care Med not only improved efficiency and boosted digital visibility but also positioned itself as a leader in leveraging technology to better serve their patients and staff.

"Having all of our listings in one place has really helped us manage our online presence effectively. It's like having a bird's eye view, so we can easily make updates across the board."
Charley Balbuena
Charley Balbuena Director of Operations at Quick Care Med

Centralized Control, Real-Time Updates, and Expanded Reach

Incorporating Birdeye Listings into Quick Care Med’s operations has transformed their approach to managing their digital presence. The utilization of Birdeye Listings has streamlined operations, replacing manual processes with an automated system. This automation not only reduces the risk of inaccuracies but also frees up resources previously dedicated to manual upkeep. With central control over more than 150 digital listings, Quick Care Med can now efficiently manage their online presence across all directories from a single dashboard, ensuring accuracy and consistency in information for potential patients. 

In addition, the adoption of Birdeye Listings has extended beyond operational efficiency, significantly impact Quick Care Med’s brand identity and patient engagement efforts. The enhanced reliability and accuracy of Quick Care Med’s online presence solidify their reputation as a trustworthy healthcare provider within their communities. In today’s digital healthcare landscape, where patient-provider interactions often begin online, maintaining a robust presence on platforms like Google, Facebook, Bing, and Apple is crucial for engaging with potential patients. Since becoming a Birdeye customer, Quick Care Med has experienced 98.5K mobile Google Map impressions, 94.7K visitors clicking on the “Call” button to contact their business, and 24.7K Facebook page interactions.

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"Birdeye has really helped us get our name on the first page of Google and other top sites, improving our search rankings. It's important for us to be seen in these top directories, and Birdeye boosts our visibility there, making a big difference for us."
Charley Balbuena
Charley BalbuenaDirector of Operations at Quick Care Med

Boosting SEO and Website Traffic

Quick Care Med's strategically implemented Birdeye Listings to advance their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and boost website traffic. Prioritizing accuracy and consistency across major platforms such as Google, Facebook, Bing, and Apple Maps, aligns with search engines’ preferences, leading to improved search rankings and expanded digital visibility. 

The influence of Google listings is clear, as an impressive 81.18% of Quick Care Med's web traffic stems from Google. This emphasizes the importance of accurate business listings in driving meaningful digital engagement. Additionally, 81.23% of significant user interactions, including video views and form submissions, originate from Google traffic, validating the success of a well-executed SEO and online visibility strategy. These user-centric interactions, make up 80.42% of overal engagement, highlighting the personalized and interactive user experience.

Synchronizing information across platforms strengthens Quick Care Med’s local SEO strategies, increasing their chances of appearing in top local search results. This heightened visibility not only drives more traffic, but expands their audience reach resulting in a notable increase in patient inquiries.

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From Patient Satisfaction to Professional Attraction

Quick Care Med improves operational efficiency and patient satisfaction by integrating Birdeye with their Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, eClinicalWorks, to automate the review request process. This integration sends review requests to patients post-visit, simplifying the process and boosting feedback submission rates, resulting in a total of 15.3K reviews with a 4.6-star rating. 

Automated review replies further enhance efficiency by reducing the workload of online reputation management, enabling prompt, personalized responses driven by artificial intelligence (AI). This not only strengthens Quick Care Med’s online presence but also builds trust and loyalty among patients, demonstrating attentiveness and appreciation. 

The positive impact of Quick Care Med’s proactive review management extends beyond patient satisfaction to its attractiveness as an employer in the healthcare sector.  Prospective employees increasingly rely on online reviews and digital presence to assess potential employers. Quick Care Med’s transparent, responsive communication style on online platforms signals a supportive and patient-centered work environment, drawing top talent aligned with their commitment to excellence and patient care. This synergy enhances Quick Care Med’s team and elevates the quality of services provided.

"To my surprise, we started getting more job applications, especially from doctors and nurses. It turns out they were checking out our online reviews before deciding to apply. This showed us how important it is to have good reviews, not just for patients but for attracting great staff too."
Charley Balbuena
Charley BalbuenaDirector of Operations at Quick Care Med

Streamlining Communication with Birdeye Webchat

Quick Care Med has significantly improved patient engagement by integrating Birdeye Webchat, a feature that enables real-time communication for inquiries and service requests directly on their website. This tool has effectively reduced phone call volumes, freeing up staff to focus more on direct patient care. Particularly beneficial in primary care settings, Webchat has streamlined processes such as appointment scheduling and medication refill requests, resulting in a notable improvement in patient satisfaction due to its convenience and efficiency.

Additionally, Birdeye Webchat has not only transformed patient interactions but also contributed to Quick Care Med’s online presence. By showcasing their commitment to leveraging technology to meet patient needs for accessible healthcare communication, Quick Care Med has positioned itself as a modern and responsive healthcare provider. This contemporary approach meets the expectations of current patients and appeals to prospective patients seeking convenient healthcare services.

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Optimizing Quick Care Med’s Digital Footprint

Quick Care Med embraced a digital transformation by integrating Birdeye Listings, Reviews, and Webchat. This integration enhanced their online presence, facilitated effective feedback management, and revamped patient communication. These solutions collectively optimized Quick Care’s digital presence, driving growth, enhancing patient experiences, and solidifying their position as a modern, patient-centric healthcare provider.

"From my experience, Birdeye is worth every penny. Not only do we save considerable labor hours, but the enhancement of our online reputation has been transformative for our business. This is why we always include it in our budget and will continue to do so. A strong online presence is essential, and Birdeye is a key part of maintaining that."
Charley Balbuena
Charley BalbuenaDirector of Operations at Quick Care Med

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