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Centralizing Community Voices: Pacifica Senior Living’s Social Media Success with Birdeye

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Company Snapshot

Pacifica Senior Living is a premier provider of senior living communities across the United States. They offer a diverse range of living options including independent living, assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing facilities. Each Pacifica community is uniquely branded to reflect their local character and the specific needs of their residents. Known for their personalized approach and high standards of care, Pacifica Senior Living communities provide not just a place to live but a vibrant environment where seniors can thrive, enjoy meaningful activities, and receive the support they need.

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  • August 2023
“Social media is a really big part of our strategy. We use it to create brand awareness and engage with family members of the community as well as potential new residents.”
Carly Dodd
Carly DoddContent Manager, Pacifica Senior Living


Pacifica Senior Living faced challenges in managing social media for their individual communities. With a strong emphasis on maintaining a consistent brand, while highlighting the unique aspect of each community, their social media strategy is pivotal in building brand awareness and engaging residents. Platforms like Facebook, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, and Instagram, are instrumental in reflecting the distinct character and activities of each community, establishing personal connections with the audience. Birdeye has streamlined this process, ensuring effective engagement and a consistent social presence.

Centralizing Social Media Management with Birdeye

Publishing content for numerous communities can be daunting, but Birdeye simplifies the process. By centralizing their social media management, Birdeye ensures a consistent and organized approach across all of their communities, resulting in an average of 4 posts per week, per location totaling 11,200 posts in just 9 months!

The Birdeye dashboard provides tools for scheduling and automating posts, which helps them keep the pages lively and engaging. Important updates, events, and promotions are shared promptly, enhancing their marketing efforts and maintaining each community’s unique voice under the cohesive brand identity.

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Building Trust with Authentic Content

Authenticity is at the heart of Pacifica Senior Living’s social media strategy. With Birdeye’s help they are able to craft and share genuine, engaging content that resonates with their audience, showcasing the vibrant life within their communities. This authentic content has led to an increase in total followers, enriching their audience.

Staff at each location capture and share real-time photos and videos, providing a transparent view into daily life, events, and unique aspects of each community. By displaying real residents and their stories, Pacifica Senior Living builds a strong emotional bond with their audience, setting them apart from competitors who may rely on stock images and generic posts.

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“The new ability to have social through the Birdeye app has been amazing. We can take a photo of someone doing an activity, upload it directly through the phone to the Birdeye platform, and then we get it at the corporate office immediately".
Carly Dodd
Carly DoddContent Manager, Pacifica Senior Living

Streamlining with Approval Workflows and On-The-Go Content

A significant enhancement Birdeye introduced to Pacifica Senior Living was the streamlining of their approval workflows. With approximately 300 users across various communities, maintaining brand consistency used to be a considerable challenge. Now, staff can submit content through Birdeye, where it is reviewed and approved by the social media coordinator. This centralized system speeds up the approval process and maintains brand integrity across posts. Additionally, the Birdeye mobile app has become essential for on-the-go management, enabling on-site team members to quickly capture and share content, keeping the community presence engaging and consistent across all platforms. 

“Implementing the Birdeye app has been a game-changer for us. Since its rollout across our communities, we've seen a surge in engaging content, particularly short-form videos that excel on our corporate platforms."
Sarah Schlosberg
Sarah SchlosbergSocial Media Coordinator, Pacifica Senior Living
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Enhancing Engagement with Birdeye

Engagement is a key component of Pacifica Senior Living’s social media strategy. Birdeye enhances their ability to interact effectively with their audience, ensuring timely, consistent, and meaningful communications across all communities.

By centralizing monitoring and response to comments, messages, and reviews on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, Birdeye allows Pacifica Senior Living to provide quick responses to questions and feedback, demonstrating their commitment to excellent customer service and resident satisfaction. This strategic approach has resulted in a 25% increase in engagement across all digital platforms in just 6 months.

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Everything You Need to Grow in One Location

Birdeye has transformed Pacifica Senior Living’s approach to social media by centralizing content creation, scheduling, engagement, and approval processes into a single streamlined platform. This comprehensive strategy not only ensures a consistent and authentic brand presence, builds trust with residents and their families, and drives higher satisfaction and engagement. 

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“Having a platform where everything is monitored in one place makes such a difference and has streamlined our approach to social media. This has such a huge impact on our processes and the amount of manpower it takes to keep up.”
Carly Dodd
Carly DoddContent Manager, Pacifica Senior Living

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