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How Illinois Retina Associates, S.C. reviews have skyrocketed for their providers

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Company Snapshot

Illinois Retina Associates is the Midwest’s leading practice devoted to diagnosing and treating diseases of the retina, macula, and vitreous. Founded in 1976, Illinois Retina Associates has been committed to innovation, excellence, and providing the best eye care available anywhere. With 12 locations and 11 healthcare providers, their physicians achieve positive patient engagements with a determined focus on patient satisfaction. Every patient experience is personalized at Illinois Retina Associates.

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  • May 2018
“Other vendors come to us and try to pitch their software. The thing that I love most about Birdeye is the dashboard and the ability to view everything on a daily basis, all in one place. The fact that I only have to go to one centralized place and view all of our reviews and reply right there is amazing. Even if I think I got all the reviews, I love that I can go to the ‘not responded’ tab to help me catch anything I missed. Seeing everything right there in one place makes my life so much easier.”
Lisa Mitchell-Galloy
Lisa Mitchell-GalloyMarketing Assistant, Illinois Retina Associates, S.C.


Today, reviews are the new digital word of mouth and a deciding factor for a prospective patient when choosing an eye care center. This is especially important in an industry where referrals are critical to patient intake, and there's a need for a consistent flow of patient feedback. People trust existing patient experiences, so if someone displays a negative experience, the prospective patient will look elsewhere.

Illinois Retina Associates understood the significance of this, but needed assistance to create an unmistakable online reputation to outshine competitors and identify patient experiences. Initially, Illinois Retina Associates was introduced to Birdeye by an outsourced company that helped their marketing team get the ball rolling. By leveraging Birdeye, Illinois Retina has boosted brand awareness, increased reviews on a location and physician bases, and provides efficient communication. 

Generating, monitoring, and managing reviews made easy

With 12 locations and 11 physicians, Illinois Retina Associates needed an efficient way to generate, monitor, and manage reviews. To help populate reviews, Illinois Retina Associates strategically sends out a review request to the patients they see each day at the end of the day.

The eye care centers understand that each patient has their own communication preference, so to ensure their customers receive the request, they'll send the review campaign via text and email. If a patient doesn't initially leave a review, they'll kindly nudge their patients by sending one reminder.

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With the abundance of reviews, Birdeye has helped streamline managing and monitoring all reviews in one central location. To provide a bird's eye view of their patient experiences, Illinois Retina Associates has enabled SMS and email to receive alerts when they receive online feedback. This notification process helps the business respond promptly and take action when needed. When responding to reviews, they tactically use response templates to respond efficiently.

Since working with Birdeye, Illinois Retina Associates has seen the following key improvements:

  • 16,656% increase in reviews on all sources
  • 10,200% increase in reviews on Healthgrades
  • 36,250% increase in reviews on Google
  • 607.5 % increase in direct website visits 
  • 765% increase in calls 
  • 630.5 % increase in Google searches
  • 283.6k local searches for the practice name
“Our primary patient's demographic is 65 years +. Initially, we were very skeptical that our patients wouldn't leave feedback, but we were pleasantly surprised when our patients were leaving reviews when we sent out Birdeye requests. It's stunning how well we have done with obtaining review responses, especially with the help of Birdeye sending requests through text and email.“
Lisa Mitchell-Galloy,
Lisa Mitchell-Galloy,Marketing Assistant, Illinois Retina Associates, S.C.

Streamlining brand awareness for providers

Illinois Retina Associates has a unique business structure as most of their business comes from referring physicians. So, although they market to patients, they also market to referring physicians. Positive reviews catch the attention of physicians, and also contribute to SEO, increasing their brand awareness. Since using Birdeye, users have viewed their locations on Google Maps 865.5k times and viewed their business profile by a simple Google Search 3.1 million times, increasing their Google Search views by 630.5%.

Additionally, they've seen an uptake in users clicking on their website by 605.7%, users requesting directions by 546.4%, and users calling their business by 765%. Not only can Illinois Retina Associates track their brand awareness overall, but they can also get down to the nitty-gritty and identify results by location and physician bases.

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“We want the outside world to see that patients are happy with our systems, physicians, processes, and patient engagements. We want the physicians to feel comfortable and confident that they are sending their patients to the right place. This is especially important as our practice is uniquely 98% referral-based. This is why we market to both patients and physicians so that both parties can see our online reputation in reflection of our service.“
Lisa Mitchell-Galloy
Lisa Mitchell-GalloyMarketing Assistant, Illinois Retina Associates, S.C.

No missed opportunities with Birdeye’s Inbox

In addition, Illinois Retina Associates finds Inbox as a valuable product to keep up with patient communication. Patients often leave voicemails for the offices and physicians. With so many voicemails left, Illinois Retina Associates enjoys how Birdeye can transcribe the voicemail as a message within the Inbox. Here they can read the voicemail and efficiently notify who needs to reach out to the patient or how to best assist before calling back. 

While some patients regularly leave voicemails, other patients prefer to send text messages. The Inbox can catch those messages for the patients who enjoy texting and ensure Illinois Retina Associates doesn't miss any requests or updates from their patients.

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“I have found the inbox feature to be super valuable as well. On occasion, a patient may call in and leave a voicemail or text us. We would have had no clue that this was happening if we didn't have Birdeye’s inbox feature. I absolutely love the inbox, and it makes my life easier.”
Lisa Mitchell-Galloy
Lisa Mitchell-GalloyMarketing Assistant, Illinois Retina Associates, S.C.

Expanding with Birdeye

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