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Generating revenue from reviews with Google Seller Ratings

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Company Snapshot

Firstmark Credit Union, formerly the San Antonio Teachers Credit Union, is a long-standing financial cooperative in San Antonio, Texas, established in 1932 and renowned as the oldest state-chartered credit union in the region. Their mission centers on encouraging savings, homeownership, and financial well-being for its members. They aspire to empower members to reach their financial goals and have cultivated enduring relationships with loyal members, emphasizing dependable and courteous service. With a focus on simplicity and security, Firstmark Credit Union delivers smart, straightforward, and trustworthy financial solutions. Their legacy, member dedication, and a clear vision for financial well-being have earned a reputation as a trusted and respected financial institution in the San Antonio community.

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“We've been around for 90 years, but Google Ads give us the relevancy that we need in order to stay competitive. Google Seller Ratings was an intriguing Birdeye product because of its scalability. Our main initiative currently is strategic growth, and we can already see Google Seller Ratings working to help us achieve that.”
 Brian Torres
Brian TorresDigital Marketing Manager


Firstmark Credit Union understood the need to establish a strong online presence and distinguish themselves in a competitive landscape in order to achieve set goals for growth. To address this challenge, they partnered with Birdeye to enhance their online listings and enhance their review ratings. They aimed to implement scalable advertising strategies that would boost their market visibility and brand recognition. By collaborating with Birdeye, Firstmark Credit Union not only achieved these goals but also found a more effective and streamlined approach to accomplish even more.

Lending a hand with Reviews and Listings

Birdeye streamlined the process for Firstmark Credit Union to request reviews and elevate their ratings, increasing their overall score from 3.6 to an impressive 4.6 stars. They also expanded their total number of reviews from 1,200 to 2,700, effectively doubling their review count and enhancing their SEO performance. As a result, they now stand out in a highly competitive landscape, making it easier for customers to discover their services. Their enhanced online reputation truly reflects the quality of their service, facilitating both online and community growth.

Firstmark Credit Union’s strategic partnership with Birdeye positioned them for streamlined success when adding Google Seller Ratings. With their impressive review count and ratings, they were able to fulfill the necessary requirements and expedite this process within a matter of weeks rather than months—enabling Firstmark Credit Union to increase revenue and make substantial progress toward company growth while utilizing member funds wisely.

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“We never had to worry about qualifying for GSR because Birdeye set us up for success. We had already obtained the third-party review minimum through our Birdeye microsite, and our impressive rating minimum was met with the help of tools within Reviews. GSR was an easy transition for us since we had built a solid foundation with Birdeye.”
 Brian Torres
Brian TorresDigital Marketing Manager

Checking all the boxes with GSR

Birdeye Reviews and Listings laid a good foundation for Firstmark Credit Union to begin implementing Google Seller Ratings (GSR) but Birdeye’s premium Google partnership expedites the entire process, facilitating a swift go-live in a matter of weeks. Firstmark Credit Union quickly saw an increase in efficiency and a more lucrative return on investment from Google ads.

GSR has yielded a substantial 10% CTR (click-through rate) for Firstmark Credit Union—a notable improvement from their previous 4%. This significant boost not only reinforces Firstmark Credit Union's online presence and brand visibility but has improved ROI.

Firstmark Credit Union’s GSR journey has been transformative. Initially grappling with higher costs and elevated cost-per-clicks (CPCs), the implementation of GSR has prompted a remarkable turnaround. Conversion rates have surged, while CPCs have significantly decreased, averaging a commendable 45 cents. This outcome not only underscores the profound impact of GSR but also signifies the evolving success story of Firstmark Credit Union in their competitive market.

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Gaining interest in a highly competitive market

Google Seller Ratings gives  Firstmark Credit Union a distinctive advantage in the competitive landscape of the financial industry. In an age where consumer decisions increasingly depend on reviews, GSR emerges as a valuable asset that not only pays for itself but also plays a pivotal role in amplifying the performance metrics that matter most – click-through rates (CTR) and cost-per-click (CPC).

As a certified Google partner, Birdeye helps enhance SEO through our exclusive integration with Google's private API. This integration leads to higher response rates compared to traditional CRM solutions, enabling Firstmark Credit Union to elevate their visibility on Google. GSR stands as an effective tool for cultivating trust and attaining superior outcomes through transparent ads that connect with customers.

“When we implemented Birdeye, our key goal was to increase our reviews and improve our ratings. But since then, we now have the tools to respond to more reviews, which plays a big role in SEO. So with Birdeye, we not only perform better but show up more often, allowing us to stand out from the competition.”
 Brian Torres
Brian TorresDigital Marketing Manager
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Grow your business with the most integrated Google partner

Birdeye’s deep integration with Google provides businesses with the tools they need to outperform their competitors and increase revenue. Our AI-powered platform and access to Google's APIs make managing and optimizing your Google presence more seamless and efficient than ever before.

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