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Cunningham Restaurant Group Elevates Online Presence and Guest Experience with Birdeye

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Company Snapshot

Cunningham Restaurant Group has developed into a distinguished name in the restaurant industry since their start in 1997. With 42 locations across three states, Cunningham Restaurant Group prides themselves on delivering unparalleled dining experiences through diverse culinary concepts. Their expansion underscored the need for a robust solution to manage their online footprint effectively, ensuring their establishments remain front and center in the digital world.

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Cunningham Restaurant Group recognized the importance of a strong online presence but faced significant challenges in managing their listings across key online directories. Discrepancies in business information like addresses, phone numbers, and operating hours across Google, Facebook, Bing, and Apple Maps diluted their brand consistency. Additionally, the manual handling of customer reviews across various sites proved inefficient and ineffective in fostering positive customer relationships.

"48.91% of our website visitors come from Google, so it's really important to keep our info up-to-date. Birdeye makes it easy to update our listings quickly across Google and other big sites, helping us stay accurate online and keep our customers happy."
Carissa Newton
Carissa NewtonDirector of Marketing, Cunningham Restaurant Group

Enhancing Culinary Confidence with Streamlined Digital Management

Today's digital-first world relies heavily on online information for dining decisions, making the accuracy provided by Birdeye Listings a necessity. Serving as a critical tool for Cunningham Restaurant Group, Birdeye Listings streamlines their digital footprint across essential online directories, ensuring precise business details and enhancing operational efficiency by automating updates. 

Additionally, Birdeye Listings empowers Cunningham Restaurant Group to focus on core operations with confidence, ensuring accurate online listings that prevent customer confusion and frustration. Consistent listings strengthen Cunningham Restaurant Group’s reputation, building trust in their culinary offerings and showcasing their commitment to quality and technology.

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Recipes for Visibility Across Key Digital Spaces

Maintaining accurate listings across key platforms like Google, OpenTable, and Facebook via Birdeye Listings not only ensures the reliability of information but also significantly enhances Cunningham Restaurant's search engine optimization (SEO). In the competitive restaurant industry, a strong online presence can be the key to attracting new customers. 

Cunningham Restaurant generates 48.91% of its traffic from Google, making it the leading platform among all other third parties. Within just a month, they’ve experienced a 1,048.62% surge in traffic, which has expanded the restaurant group’s customer base and driven more foot traffic to its establishments. 

The Birdeye dashboard further complements these efforts by providing centralized management and comprehensive reporting. Birdeye Listings reports provide optimal tracking of business profiles and keyword rankings, including detailed analytics. This includes monitoring Google Business Profile impressions, tracking engagement through Conversion Reports, and refining SEO strategies with Keyword Ranking Reports.

"Reviews, a proactive review management strategy, and accurate restaurant listings are the pillars of our SEO strategy. Birdeye helps us with all three, and our teams realize the impact of that. We have had multiple instances of negative reviews being re-posted as positive because of our team responding!"
Carissa Newton
Carissa Newton Director of Marketing, Cunningham Restaurant Group

Serving Streamlined Feedback and Issue Resolution

Cunningham Restaurant Group optimizes their customer feedback strategy with Birdeye Reviews, utilizing automated campaigns to gather positive experiences and promptly address negative feedback. Birdeye’s review response templates enable quick responses, maintaining Cunningham Restaurant Group’s brand’s voice, fostering positive and responsive customer interactions, and reaffirming dedication to outstanding service.

Additionally, Birdeye's Ticketing system is instrumental in addressing customer issues, effectively turning dissatisfied customers into brand advocates. As new reviews come in, the corporate team creates and assigns a ticket to the appropriate team member, ensuring timely responses. This proactive management of customer interactions significantly enhances Cunningham Restaurant Group's reputation and boosts customer satisfaction. 

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Savoring Insights for Flavorful Strategies

Birdeye Insights offers Cunningham Restaurant Group a sophisticated AI-powered analysis to decode customer sentiment across all review and social media platforms. This technology provides detailed insights into the dining experience, allowing them to comprehensively understand customer preferences and feedback. With this valuable information at their disposal, Cunningham Restaurant Group is poised to make informed, data-driven improvements to their service and culinary offerings.

Using the insights gained, Cunningham Restaurant Group takes strategic steps to refine their operations and optimize every aspect of the guest experience. This commitment to leveraging advanced analytics demonstrates their dedication to exceeding customer expectations, consistently improving dining experiences, and gaining a competitive edge in the hospitality industry.

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Elevating Experience with Birdeye

Cunningham Restaurant Group's adoption of Birdeye's Listings, Reviews, Insights, and Ticketing solutions marks a turning point in how the group manages their online presence and customer engagement. The comprehensive suite of tools not only streamlines operational efficiencies but also solidifies Cunningham Restaurant Group's commitment to excellence in the digital age. The story of Cunningham Restaurant Group and Birdeye is a testament to the power of leveraging advanced technology to not just meet but exceed customer expectations, ensuring the group's continued success and growth in the competitive restaurant industry.

Schedule a demo today, call 1-800-561-3357 ext 1, or send an email to sales@birdeye.com. 

“We simply couldn’t do what we do without Birdeye. Without a large team, having a partner like Birdeye streamlines our processes to respond to guests and keep them coming back to visit us.”  
Carissa Newton
Carissa NewtonDirector of Marketing, Cunningham Restaurant Group

Birdeye: The Obvious Choice

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