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Black Bear Diner's Multilocation Social and Feedback Success with Birdeye

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Company Snapshot

Founded in 1995 in Mount Shasta, California, Black Bear Diner has expanded to 156 locations in 13 states. Originating from the vision of founders Bruce Dean and Bob & Laurie Manley, the first diner aimed to create a fun and affordable space for the community to enjoy home-style cooking. Today, this mission continues across the country, offering a menu of comfort food classics. Whether dining in our family-friendly, cabin-themed diners or enjoying takeout, Black Bear Diner is committed to providing a delightful and accessible culinary experience.

  • September 2017
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Black Bear Diner is well-known for their delectable cuisine and cozy homestyle ambiance. Building on their success, they planned to nearly double their locations within two years and create an efficient process to handle the increased volume of feedback. Ensuring guest satisfaction across both existing and upcoming establishments became a key focus of their strategy.

In pursuit of a comprehensive solution to streamline review monitoring and enhance direct communication with patrons, Black Bear Diner adopted Birdeye.

“With our upcoming growth, we needed a better way to manage guest feedback. Every person who’s using the platform, from diner level manager to district to regional or VP, has the ability to filter and fine-tune to make it work best for them.”
Denise D’Amico Johnson
Denise D’Amico JohnsonCommunications Manager at Black Bear Diner

Black Bear Diner's growing den

As the nationwide presence of Black Bear Diners expands, an influx of reviews places greater responsibility on location managers for feedback management. Birdeye's user-friendly interface simplifies access for new managers learning the ropes, while custom dashboards alleviate the daunting task of monitoring and responding to reviews.

This streamlined system empowers the team to effectively manage customer feedback, promptly address issues, and exceed guest expectations. Amidst nearly doubling diner locations and review volumes, Black Bear Diner maintains a commendable overall rating of 4-stars.

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Clawing through social content

In addition to maintaining its commendable online presence, Black Bear Diner maximizes their digital presence through Birdeye Social. Leveraging Birdeye Social enables them to seamlessly manage and coordinate social media posts across their extensive network of diner locations. With Birdeye’s intuitive Social features, Black Bear Diner can effortlessly create and publish social content for multiple business locations from a centralized dashboard, streamlining their social media strategy. This is particularly beneficial for events like Dine and Donate, where a percentage of their profits are donated to local charities. Creating a single post that automatically incorporates local details, saves time and ensures brand consistency across their diverse locations.

Birdeye Social proceeds to enhance Black Bear Diner's efficiency by allowing them to maintain a steady stream of quality content through scheduled posts. The scheduling tool enables them to visualize their social calendar, facilitating easy management and rescheduling as needed. This capability is complemented by multi-location social reporting, which empowers Black Bear Diner to compare performance metrics across different locations and regions, providing valuable insights to optimize their local social strategy. 

With these tools in place, detailed content performance reports help identify top-performing content, offering them the opportunity to double down on successful strategies and enhance engagement across various social channels. The platform’s easy visualization options, customizable dashboards, and in-depth analytics allow Black Bear Diner to focus on the most relevant metrics, ensuring a data-driven and successful social media presence.

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Exploring guest feedback and insights

To assess guest sentiments throughout their entire customer journey, Black Bear Diner employs Birdeye Surveys to create tailored dining experience surveys. These surveys include targeted questions designed to measure guest satisfaction in key areas such as food, service, and atmosphere across all diner locations.

Using Birdeye's Natural Language Processing (NLP) through Reports, Insights, and Benchmarking, Black Bear Diner's operations team conducts a comprehensive analysis of guest sentiment. This allows for a holistic understanding of the Black Bear Diner’s overall performance, enabling comparisons at various levels, including territory, region, district, ownership group, and individual diner locations.

The Birdeye Insights feature offers Black Bear Diner a simple method to track trending keywords across guest feedback and online reviews, while Birdeye Benchmarking provides insights into how Black Bear Diner stacks up against their competitors. When combined with their customized reporting dashboard, Black Bear Diner has a centralized hub to accurately gauge their position within the industry.

"Birdeye adapts to diverse user levels, accommodating the unique needs of our GMs, VPs, and diner managers. Each manager takes ownership of their reviews, addressing tickets, and helping guests. Birdeye allows for both broad-scale and focused reporting for each of their needs."
Denise D’Amico Johnson
Denise D’Amico JohnsonCommunications Manager at Black Bear Diner
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Roaring guest satisfaction

To establish a direct connection with guests, Black Bear Diner’s marketing and operations team relies on Birdeye to consolidate reviews from over 150 sites. They systematically manage these reviews through role-based dashboards with tailored access for corporate, regional, district, and location-level management.

If a negative review appears on any third-party site, Birdeye automatically generates a support ticket and assigns it to the respective location's manager. The operations team at Black Bear Diner then monitors the ticket resolution time by owner and status categories – open, assigned, in progress, and closed. D’Amico Johnson, the Communications Manager, centrally oversees all tickets, stepping in to assist managers or prompt follow-ups if necessary.

“The team no longer has to search for information, Birdeye allows them to quickly find what they need and move on with their day.”
Denise D’Amico Johnson
Denise D’Amico JohnsonCommunications Manager at Black Bear Diner

Growling greatness with Birdeye

Black Bear Diner leverages Birdeye's solutions to seamlessly manage their large volumes of customer feedback while also effectively coordinating their social media presence.  Birdeye's user-friendly interface and custom dashboards empower managers at various levels to handle feedback efficiently, ensuring a consistent star rating even with doubling diner locations and review volumes. This streamlined approach allows the entire team to stay attuned to customer feedback, promptly address issues, and deliver memorable experiences that resonate long after plates are cleared.

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