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How Bizinga Navigates Success through Innovative Sales and Birdeye

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Company Snapshot

Bizinga stands at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge solutions to businesses globally through innovative omnichannel unified inbox services. Their mission is to equip organizations with the latest tools and technology, elevating customer engagement processes while enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

  • July 2018
“When we switched to Birdeye, it was a game-changer. Being able to shoot customers a quick text for reviews was a big deal back then. Now, with Birdeye growing and rolling out new products and features, we've grabbed hold of them and found a perfect fit for our clients.”
JD Dammeier
JD Dammeier Founder and CEO at Bizinga


The team at Bizinga is highly proficient in CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service), UPaaS (Unified Platform as a Service), and SaaS (Software as a Service). They possess deep expertise in leveraging these technologies to streamline communication and collaboration for businesses. Birdeye helps them deliver solutions seamlessly and integrate all communication channels into a unified central hub, improving response times and heightening customer satisfaction.

Sales Process and Growth Strategy

Bizinga’s sales strategy revolves around a distinctive five-day proof of concept, challenging the status quo of conventional trial periods. Unlike the typical 14 or 30-day trials that often result in disengagement, Bizinga opts for a focused five-day approach where clients contribute their last 30 days of customer data. This not only evaluates the efficacy of Bizinga's services but also identifies potential long-term clients based on their active engagement with the platform. 

Bizinga strongly emphasizes onboarding, guiding clients through the initial stages to provide essential support. Their sales strategy is centered on a proactive, customer-centric approach, where the agency advises clients on crucial business improvements rather than relying solely on preferences. This assertive, value-driven process builds trust, positioning Bizinga as a dedicated partner committed to enhancing clients' online presence.

Birdeye plays a crucial role in Bizinga's success by providing a comprehensive toolkit, including Reviews, Listings, Messaging, Webchat, Surveys, Referrals, Insights, and Benchmarking. With Birdeye's partner support, Bizinga executes a comprehensive strategy, engaging consistently across channels and maintaining a pleasant presence, contributing significantly to their overall excellence and growth.

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“Birdeye actually enabled us to be a better agency, especially for multi-location businesses. It is a phenomenal platform, and  I'm really excited about what's happened in the past two years.”
JD Dammeier
JD DammeierFounder and CEO at Bizinga

Staying Competitive and Competing with Oneself

Effective onboarding stands as a crucial element for long-term client success.  Bizinga strongly emphasizes onboarding, aligning client expectations, providing comprehensive training, and ensuring a seamless transition into the partnership. This strategic investment in onboarding, complemented by Birdeye's support, establishes a foundation for trust, understanding, and collaboration, contributing to sustained success and client satisfaction throughout the relationship.

Bizinga's sales approach, in line with self-competition, focuses on continuous improvement and delivering value to clients for sustained success. Bizinga encourages innovation, consistently raising the bar and leveraging Birdeye’s toolkit to evolve services, stay ahead of industry trends, and address client needs proactively. 

“It's important to take your customers under your wing, taking full responsibility for onboarding and setup. That's our approach with clients, and it mirrors what Birdeye did for us. We hold ourselves to the same high standard we set for our clients.”
JD Dammeier
JD DammeierFounder and CEO at Bizinga
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Innovative Sales Success with Birdeye Support

Bizinga has achieved remarkable success through their sales process, committed onboarding, and proactive, customer-centric approach. Supported by Birdeye, they guarantee efficient omnichannel communication, establishing onboarding as a foundation for trust and sustained success with their assistance. Bizinga's sales strategy, in sync with self-competition, places a premium on continuous improvement and innovation, facilitated by Birdeye's support in staying ahead of industry trends and proactively meeting client needs.

Experience the results for yourself. Partner with Birdeye today call 1-800-561-3357 ext 1, or send an email to sales@birdeye.com. 

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