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Outcomes that keep you growing

OffersPartially OffersDoes Not Offer
OffersPartially OffersDoes Not Offer
Time to Value & IntegrationsTime to Value & Integrations
Go live in weeks, not months
Messaging & Inbox included with core platform
Advanced, flexible, and affordable integrations
Automation & AIAutomation & AI
AI-assisted review responses
Auto-responses for 3rd-party reviews
Webchat including live chat and AI chatbot
Send an automated referral request after every review
Experience Score for each customer
Customized sentiment analysis with Insights
Customer Success & SupportCustomer Success & Support
Dedicated success rep for every customer
24/7 customer support
Award Winter 2024Award Winter 2024

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Get growing in weeks, not months

We want you to see immediate ROI with Birdeye, so let our award-winning onboarding team get you up and running quickly.

  • Don’t wait 3-6 months to get started, Birdeye will get you onboarded, trained, and set up in 3-6 weeks
  • Birdeye provides transparency, timelines, and communication to ensure we are on track to deliver
  • You’ll never experience hidden fees or additional platform training
Grow in weeks

Partner with Google at the highest level

Birdeye is a certified Google Partner helping you rank higher on Google Search, get more Google Reviews, and more.

  • Easily build complete, attractive, and accurate Google Business Profiles for all your locations from within Birdeye
  • Easily generate, manage, and market your Google reviews
  • Automatically feature reviews from 200+ sites on the Google Knowledge Panel
  • Improve your Google ad performance by up to 17% and optimize your Google ad spending
  • Turn visitors into leads and leads into customers with Google Messaging
  • Make your Google Profiles stand out against the competition with Google Posts
  • Respond to reviews on Google and 200+ sites at scale with AI-generated responses
Partner with Google at the highest level

Lean on award-winning customer support

Unlike our competitors, we put your business first. We’ll never leave you hanging with always-on, dedicated customer support for your business. Feel confident that when you need support, we’re here for you and fully versed in your business - stop getting passed between support reps unfamiliar with your business or needs.

  • Unlimited support via live chat, email, phone, and our in-product support center
  • 500+ support articles and how-to videos
  • Troubleshooting with our product experts, including integration setup, campaigns, user alerts, product questions, and more
Award winning customer support

Turn real-time insights into customer happiness

Birdeye’s platform is centered around the contact versus the location. This helps you understand customer happiness in real time so you can determine who might need more attention or want to refer a friend.

  • Color-coded score from 1-10 to easily see how satisfied each customer is with your business
  • Understand happiness in real-time to know which customers are happy while you’re talking to them
  • Easily understand how your business is performing within the dashboard through deep insights, but go one step further to see how happy or unhappy each customer is
Turn insights into customer happiness

Turn your customers into brand ambassadors

Birdeye offers a fully integrated customer referral system so your happiest customers can drive new business for you. Referrals are the most trusted form of marketing, Birdeye makes them fully automated, digital, scalable, and trackable. Go beyond providing a word-of-mouth referral or a referral text with no trackable link.

  • Send automated referral requests after a positive review, survey, purchase, service, or appointment
  • Send requests via text, social media, email, and your website
  • Track referral revenue shares and conversions
  • Easily pay out incentives through reporting and tracking
Turn your customers into brand ambassadors

Solutions for every industry

  • Dental
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Home Services
  • Retail
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Auto
  • Personal Services
“Birdeye is a game changer for patient experience. We can message all our patients using one central inbox.”
Brandon Dowdy-ErnstSmile Workshop
Smile Workshop
Birdeye has given me the perspective and agility I need to effectively manage our expansive footprint easily.
Ken NorquistAxia Women’s Health
Axis Women
We switched to Birdeye because customer experience is paramount in a business where reputation is everything.
Sabrina ModesittStonecreek Communities
Birdeye’s AI has helped us monitor customer sentiment and evolve our business to meet their needs.
Anne-Marie CUniversal Windows Direct
Universal Windows
Birdeye customer support is amazing. They created a seamless onboarding experience for all 450 of our locations.
Brandon HeglandMichaels
10 years later, and my firm is still finding value from Birdeye reviews, surveys, and messaging.
Lanette SAll Family Law Group
All Family Law Group
Birdeye equipped us with a scalable solution to enhance our customer experience.
Brittany DouglasTitleMax
With Birdeye, we’ve turned customer experience insights into opportunities to build trust and credibility.
Carmen GarciaStrickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change
Strickland Brothers
The ability to reach out to each website visitor and answer questions wherever I am, at any time of day is a total game-changer.
Jason HartlineSkinSpaMed

Birdeye integrates with theapps you use

Eclinical WorksEzlynxField EdgeHubspotAppfolioAthena HealthClioDentrixEclinical WorksEzlynxField EdgeHubspotAppfolioAthena HealthClio
ServicetitanSFYardiZoho CRMLight speedNex techNextgenOpen dentalServicetitanSFYardiZoho CRMLight speedNex techNextgen

Birdeye customers get results

Smile Workshop Logo
Brandon Dowdy-Ernst

With Birdeye, we’ve increased our number of reviews by nearly 200% YoY, which has greatly contributed to brand lift and recall.

Brandon Dowdy-ErnstChief Experience Officer, Smile Workshop
Logo Novello Group

Birdeye gives our company instant credibility and makes getting reviews easier. We’ve seen an increase in customers contacting us directly from online, which gets our foot in the door. Birdeye also helps us build trust with customers, which is invaluable.

Aaron NovelloTeam Leader, The Novello Group
Logo Cs Axia Womens Health
axia womens health.

Birdeye brings the cacophony of 50+ location directory listing and reputation management down to a harmonious blend through a single, intuitive platform. Birdeye's solution has given me the perspective I need to effectively manage our expansive footprint.

Ken NorquistAxia Women’s Health

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