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Apr 16, 2018

'URL Verification' added to Birdeye Review Monitoring

ImprovementBirdeye will now verify URLs before adding them to the system to make sure that reviews are being monitored at the source correctly.
'URL Verification' added to Birdeye Review Monitoring

Birdeye will now verify the source URL before adding it to Review monitoring. This feature ensures that the correct URL of the review source is added to Birdeye and reviews are aggregated from the source correctly.

Once the URL is added to Birdeye, the user will be able to view the URL and reviews aggregated from the source. If the URL is incorrect, Birdeye will not add it to 'Review monitoring'. This feature will also prevent the duplication of source URLs and spamming. Hence, the review aggregation will be accurate.

To learn more about this feature, read the help center article.