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Feb 09, 2018

Enhanced Usage Reports for better data assessment

ImprovementBirdeye announced improved usage reports to provide businesses with consistent data funnels for both, emails and SMS. The funnels are comprehensive reports divided into three levels of information.
Enhanced Usage Reports for better data assessment

Birdeye has introduced enhancements to provide more details in the current usage reports. A usage report essentially helps analyze the success rate of review requests. The improved usage reports equip businesses to view consistent funnels for both, emails and SMS. 

These funnels are comprehensive reports with three levels of information. The first level is 'Sent' where it displays the number of emails or SMS sent in total. The second layer comprises of 'Opened'. This layer displays the number of emails opened. In the case of an SMS, it refers to the number of times the short-link within the SMS was clicked. The third layer is 'Review Clicks' which displays the number of clicks made on the third-party sources chosen by the contact to write a review. This layer refers to the break-up of review source button clicks made on sites like Google, Facebook, Yahoo! etc.

These enhancements are also applicable to the table view and can be easily downloaded in an excel format.

To view these wide-ranging reports, go to the 'Reports' tab and hover on the 'Campaign reports' to select 'Review request' or 'Customer experience'. This will open the detailed funnel report that shows the number of emails and SMS sent, opened and clicked in percentage and numeric form.