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May 07, 2018

Enhanced delivery performance for daily review alerts

ImprovementWith improved architectural optimizations, Birdeye announced better performing daily digest alerts within scheduled time of delivery.

Birdeye gives you the ability to manage alerts for different review sites. In addition, it also offers users the flexibility to set filters for each type of notification in the form of weekly, daily or instant alerts.

Birdeye announced an enhanced delivery performance of the daily digest emails so that there are no delays from the scheduled time of delivery. All daily digest data will be pre-processed so that there is no delay or load for processing it at the scheduled time. 

The system is now performant and highly scalable. In addition, architectural optimizations will also ensure stability. 

As a business owner registered with Birdeye, you can easily manage email alert settings from within your dashboard. To learn more about daily digest review alerts, read the help center article.