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Apr 12, 2019

Configure Webchat on Birdeye Review Profiles

ImprovementBirdeye users can now choose whether or not they want to configure Webchat on Birdeye review profiles. If you do not want a visitor to initiate a chat with you on the Birdeye profile, you can disable the Webchat feature for it.
Configure Webchat on Birdeye Review Profiles

Birdeye users will now have the ability to enable or disable Webchat on Birdeye profiles. If the Webchat feature is disabled on a Birdeye review profile, the profile visitors cannot chat with the business. By default, this function will be enabled within Birdeye and visitors can chat with the business. The user can disable it at any point to stop receiving communication through the review profile.

Disabling this feature on the review profile will stop incoming messages via the review profile unless the user enables it once again.