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Oct 31, 2018

Birdeye launches Monthly Summary Reports for SMBs

NewBirdeye has launched monthly summary reports for SMBs to help them assess their performance during the month. The businesses can review their monthly performance and derive actionable insights.
Birdeye launches Monthly Summary Reports for SMBs

Birdeye has taken another step towards maintaining transparency among its businesses in terms of their monthly performance. In these regards, Birdeye has launched Monthly Summary Reports for SMBs to help them assess their monthly performance based on the products they have access to. Each metric will be represented by a tile. The tiles will showcase threshold-based performance and corresponding tips to enhance performance.

The monthly summary report will be sent to all the businesses via email every month. It will highlight the business' performance during the month. Based on Birdeye's recommendations sent along with the reports over email, the business owners can interact with Birdeye. This will increase user engagement, user-satisfaction and enhance overall growth of the business.

The summary reports will represent performance of up to seven key metrics listed under:

  • Ratings
  • Webchat
  • Reviews
  • Visitors
  • Listings
  • Messenger
  • Campaigns