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The Do's and Don'ts of Patient Experience Marketing

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How has patient experience management evolved in recent years, and how has one of the leading US dental affiliate management companies, Smile Brands, been able to successfully navigate this evolution across hundreds of locations? How do they ensure strong online reputation, maintain listings that help every location be found and chosen, and drive extensive patient referrals?This episode we talk with Jody Martin, the Chief Marketing Officer at Smile Brands. This particular episode is truly relevant to our listeners because so many multi-location businesses happen to reside in the healthcare sector, in medical or, as in the case of Smile Brands, in dental.Their challenges in holistically and successfully managing the full patient experience have a few components that are unique to their industry, as you’ll hear - yet most of it applies to anyone in customer Experience Marketing, whether you’re in dental, financial services, retail, automotive, personal services and more. 

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