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Enhancing Patient Engagement and Experiences with Reviews and Surveys

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Sono Bello stands out for their personalized approach to cosmetic procedures, which is built on a foundation of experience, specialization, and customization. With a team of over 185 board-certified physicians, Sono Bello has conducted more than 300,000 procedures tailored to each client's needs, emphasizing their unique qualities. Expanding to over 100 locations in the United States, Sono Bello demonstrates their commitment to leading the cosmetic surgery industry. As they move forward, they remain focused on adopting the latest advancements to provide their clients the highest standards of service and outcomes.

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Sono Bello faced challenges with their manual patient feedback system across various locations, leading to slow response times and impacting their reputation negatively. Recognizing the need to improve patient experience management, they aimed to streamline the review process, amplify the promotion of positive patient experiences, and increase appointment attendance. 

Tackling challenges in extracting actionable insights from feedback and addressing issues such as cancellations and no-shows were key. Birdeye played a crucial role in helping Sono Bello achieve these objectives by providing an integrated platform that streamlined review management, expedited responses to feedback, and offered valuable insights into patient experiences. This significantly improved patient show rates and overall satisfaction.

"At Sono Bello, our reputation is our lifeline. We're deeply committed to the patient experience, with attention from the top down. Our CEO and founder receive a daily email summarizing the previous day's reviews, providing us with a clear understanding of our patients' perspectives, successes, and challenges."
Tim Surowiecki
Tim SurowieckiChief Marketing Officer at Sono Bello

Improving Feedback Request Process

Sono Bello recognized the necessity of streamlining their feedback collection process to effectively capture their patients’ experiences while minimizing staff workload. To achieve this, they opted for Birdeye Reviews. 

Utilizing Birdeye's automated campaigns, Sono Bello seamlessly solicited feedback from patients post-experience, simplifying the data collection process. This approach not only facilitated gathering insights but also empowered patients to effortlessly highlight their positive experiences. 

Transitioning to Birdeye was a strategic move to enhance patient engagement and showcase the excellent service Sono Bello provides without imposing additional tasks on staff. This decision resulted in a win-win scenario—Sono Bello obtained valuable feedback while patients felt valued and listened to, contributing to transparent and open communication between the service provider and recipients.

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Boosting Business and Patient Show Rate Through Positive Reputation

Implementing Birdeye Reviews had a ripple effect on Sono Bello's business operations,  resulting in a significant 15-20% increase in patient show rates. The influx of positive reviews played a pivotal role in boosting Sono Bello's reputation within the cosmetic surgery industry, fostering more business and solidifying its position as a trusted provider. 

These reviews not only motivated existing patients to keep their appointments but also attracted new clients. Prospective patients, influenced by others’ experiences, chose Sono Bello for their cosmetic surgery needs, expecting a similarly high level of satisfaction. 

"Birdeye has transformed Sono Bello by providing instant access to patient satisfaction data at our local centers, allowing regional directors to detect trends across sites, and offering the C-Suite comprehensive visibility into patient experience, satisfaction, and employee effectiveness across all locations."
Tim Surowiecki
Tim SurowieckiChief Marketing Officer at Sono Bello

Enhancing Patient Experience through Surveys

Acknowledging the significance of the three-month checkup in assessing results, Sono Bello’s proactive team implemented a strategy to elevate care and ensure patient satisfaction by closely monitoring patients throughout their procedures and recovery. To achieve this, they turned to Birdeye Surveys as a valuable tool.

The integration of Birdeye Surveys proved transformative for Sono Bello. They leveraged Natural Language Processing (NLP) and advanced survey capabilities to analyze patient feedback. This provided detailed reports on patient experiences across different locations, identifying specific keywords for targeted insights. Additionally, Birdeye Surveys offered customized surveys tailored to different stages of the patient journey, facilitating timely feedback and efficient management. 

Such analysis highlighted appreciated aspects of service and areas for improvement, encouraging the uniform implementation of best practices across all departments, from medical staff to front desk operations. Leveraging detailed feedback, significantly enhanced the patient experience, guiding process improvements and exceeding patient expectations. These valuable insights enabled strategic decisions to enhance care consistently across their network, demonstrating a commitment to ongoing improvement.

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Feedback to Forefront

By integrating Birdeye's solutions, Sono Bello has transformed their patient engagement and experience, streamlining feedback collection and enhancing service visibility. Birdeye Reviews enabled efficient feedback solicitation and management, significantly improving communication and patient satisfaction. This initiative strengthened Sono Bello’s reputation, leading to increased patient show rates and business growth, and facilitated detailed insights into patient experiences via Birdeye Surveys. These insights allowed Sono Bello to refine their services, ensuring high-quality care and reinforcing their status as a trusted leader in the cosmetic surgery field. 

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