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Spicing Up Guest Experiences at Fireman Hospitality Group with Birdeye

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Company Snapshot

The Fireman Hospitality Group Restaurants are family-owned restaurants located in the heart of New York City's entertainment centers and in National Harbor, Maryland. Their New York restaurants include The RedEye Grill, Trattoria Dell'Arte, Café Paradiso, Bond 45, Cafe Fiorello, Brooklyn Diner USA, and Brooklyn Delicatessen. Dedicated to exceptional hospitality, The Fireman Hospitality Group is driven by a commitment to delighting their guests, aiming to leave them eagerly anticipating their next visit with thoughts of, "I can't wait to come back!"

  • February 2023
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"Thanks to Birdeye, we are able to keep our restaurant top-of-mind for our guests, making us their go-to choice for future visits.”
 Stephanie Holmes
Stephanie HolmesDirector of Guest Services


Fireman Hospitality Group faced significant challenges in managing their online presence across multiple dining locations. By adopting Birdeye's all-in-one solutions, they transformed how they collect and manage guest reviews. Their process is now automated, from gathering feedback to responding promptly. The Birdeye dashboard allows them to share positive reviews, which can be crucial in weaving positive guest feedback into their broader social media strategy. This has not only expanded their digital reach but also deepened their engagement with diners, reinforcing their reputation as a top choice for exceptional dining experiences.

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Streamlining Online Reviews

Fireman Hospitality Group has dramatically improved their review collection process by integrating Birdeye with their POS system, Toast. This seamless integration sends automated review requests to customers via text or email, encouraging them to share their experience right after dining. 

This automation has generated over 8,900 new reviews, substantially increasing the volume and timeliness of customer feedback. 

The influx of fresh, authentic reviews not only boosts the group's visibility on major review platforms such as Google but also strengthens their online reputation. An enhanced online reputation not only attracts more customers and supports higher ratings but also opens new business opportunities. In competitive dining markets, where many customers depend on reviews to choose where to eat, this visibility is invaluable.

"One of Birdeye's most beneficial features is the reporting. Consolidating all of our reviews into a single automated email allows each location's management team to start their day with a comprehensive summary of customer feedback."
Stephanie Holmes
Stephanie HolmesDirector of Guest Services

Harnessing Data for Strategic Insights

Fireman Hospitality Group utilizes Birdeye's reporting capabilities to refine their operational strategies and elevate guest services across all locations. A standout feature of Birdeye is its ability to aggregate all reviews into a single daily email for each restaurant’s management team. This provides a snapshot of customer sentiment each morning, allowing managers to celebrate successes and pinpoint opportunities for improvement.

This efficient data aggregation helps the restaurant quickly adjust and improve based on customer feedback, promoting a proactive environment that prioritizes customer satisfaction. Leveraging these insights and monitoring feedback trends helps managers make informed decisions, enhancing service quality and overall guest experiences.

In the past year, Fireman Hospitality Group has seen:

  • 4k  new reviews on Google
  • 8.9k new reviews across all platforms
  • 97% average review response rate
  • 4.3 star review average

Engaging with Guests Post-Visit

Fireman Hospitality Group effectively utilizes Birdeye Reviews to engage with guests post-visit, leveraging initial feedback to enhance future experiences. Birdeye’s automated responses efficiently handle routine reviews, freeing up the team to devote more time and attention to responses that require personalized engagement.

Birdeye’s customizable templates ensure that all communications reflect the professional voice of Fireman Hospitality Group while streamlining the response process. This approach not only saves time but also ensures consistency and professionalism in every interaction.

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Showcasing Positive Reviews on Social Media

Fireman Hospitality Group amplifies their social media presence by using Birdeye Social to share their 5-star reviews on their social channels. This strategy is integral to their online presence, allowing them to pair positive guest experiences with visually appealing images of their culinary offerings. By integrating customer testimonials into their social media strategy, they streamline their promotional efforts and expand their digital footprint. 

Birdeye Reviews not only helps manage feedback but also to amplify positive reviews, which significantly boosts social proof and engages both prospective and returning customers. Highlighting such reviews often leads to considerable engagement through likes, comments, and shares on platforms like Instagram. 

This strategy has not only enhanced the visibility and appeal of their dining venues but also fostered a community atmosphere that mirrors the excellent dining experiences the group is known for. As a result, Fireman Hospitality Group has successfully retained current customers and attracted new guests seeking a top-tier dining experience, evidenced by the acquisition of 63,000 new Instagram followers.

"Birdeye Social lets us easily share outstanding reviews on our social media, enhancing our online presence and customer engagement."
Stephanie Holmes
Stephanie HolmesDirector of Guest Services

Sustaining Excellence Through Strategic Engagement

The partnership between Fireman Hospitality Group and Birdeye has transformed their approach to managing online reputation and engaging with guests. Through the strategic use of automated review collection, timely responses to customer feedback, and the adept promotion of their top reviews on social media, they have established a robust digital presence that reflects their commitment to excellence. 

This strategy has not only elevated their overall rating but has also enhanced their appeal to new and returning customers. Armed with Birdeye’s tools, Fireman Hospitality Group continues to uphold its reputation as a leader in the hospitality industry, ensuring each guest's experience is nothing short of exceptional. 

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