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Improved customer experience and drive growth ranking higher on search

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Company Snapshot

Cenegenics is a pioneer in the medical specialty of age management medicine with centers at over 20 locations. Their Las Vegas partner, Dr. Jeffrey Leake, has trained over 800 physicians worldwide in Age Management Medicine and is author of Textbook of Age Management Medicine Vol I & II, a comprehensive reference guide with over 3,500 literature citations.

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  • June 2019

With new centers and locations, Cenegenics needed social proof and a great online reputation management tool to stand out from the competition. Despite having renowned staff doctors and being in business for over 22 years, the practice also needed to rank higher in search in order to attract new patients. After looking around for an online reputation management tool that did more than review generation, Cenegenics began using Birdeye’s all-in-one customer experience software in June 2019. And it was just what they were looking for.

“We were looking for a system with which we could consistently generate a flow of reviews from our patients that would automatically get posted to Google or Facebook as well. Since we have 20+ locations, it was also important for us to have all the reviews flow into our main website, as well as a third-party verified link that would rank in Google. Birdeye did all this and more.”
Roxana Boboescu
Roxana BoboescuDirector of Marketing & Analytics at Cenegenics Elite Health (www.cenegenics.com)

More reviews than ever before

Birdeye seamlessly integrated with Cenegenics’ CRM system, Salesforce, which took all the guesswork out of Roxana and the Service Coordinators’ hands. With patients automatically getting review requests, their locations ranked higher amongst their competitors, and they saw an increase in new patients.

Not only was Cenegenics ranking higher based on reviews, but because Birdeye could help market their Google reviews on Cenegenics’ main website, they had a surge in traffic. Cenegenics received an unprecedented 158,857 website visitors within the year.

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"Birdeye has provided us with something we really didn’t have before – a solution for gathering reviews from our patient base. Since we started using Birdeye last year, we’ve been able to generate more positive reviews than in all of our previous 22 years in business. Furthermore, we now have a world-class Net Promoter Score(NPS)."
Roxana Boboescu
Roxana BoboescuDirector of Marketing & Analytics at Cenegenics Elite Health

Deeper customer insights

For Cenegenics, the Surveys product was one of the leading factors in choosing Birdeye over other software. Using Birdeye, Cenegenics sent out surveys to discover how they could deliver a consistent experience for every patient across all their locations.

Cenegenics also used customer surveys to uncover a hidden revenue source. They reached out to patients who had completed their free consultation but decided not to proceed with treatment. Based on survey responses, they identified that pricing was one of the biggest factors for patients not moving forward. Considering this information, Roxana and the Cenegenics team made accommodations and created a new revenue stream. 

In this way, using Birdeye’s exceptional products, Cenegenics cemented its world-class reputation and proved why they are the best in the industry. 

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Driving Growth with Birdeye

With Birdeye, Cenegenics now interacts with clients more effectively by collecting reviews and insights that help them increase growth and retention within the business.

Birdeye: The Obvious Choice

Winning over 400 awards for 10 quarters in a row, Birdeye is the most-awarded and highest-rated customer experience software for businesses of all sizes.

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