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Riding High in the Digital World: How Archer’s Bikes Mastered Social Media with Birdeye

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Company Snapshot

Archer's Bikes is a standout in the cycling industry, offering a wide range of services to electric and pedal bike enthusiasts. Distinct from traditional bike shops, Archer’s Bikes offers a wide selection of new, used, or rental bikes to cyclists of all levels. With a commitment to accessibility and convenience, Archer's Bikes has established itself as a full-service shop with a significant online presence.

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  • October 2023
"Before, managing our social media presence meant individually updating each platform for every store, which was incredibly time-consuming. Birdeye Social has transformed this process for us, enabling centralized and streamlined management of our entire online presence.”
 Randy Archer
Randy ArcherCEO of Archer’s Bikes


Gone are the days when simply having a storefront was enough to attract customers. Archer’s Bikes understood early on that a strong online presence was essential to win over today’s digital-savvy cyclists. By amplifying their engagement on social media, they aimed to reach, connect, and build a community with their audience, crafting a dynamic and inviting digital persona.

Operational Efficiency and Time Savings

Before integrating Birdeye Social, Archer's Bikes struggled to streamline their social media activities across various platforms, which was not only time-consuming but fragmented their brand image. Birdeye Social transformed their approach, enabling centralized control over social media content and interactions. This shift has saved precious time and ensured a unified brand voice across all channels. Now, Archer’s Bikes can devote more energy to refining their social strategies and engaging more deeply with their community. 

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Birdeye Social Solutions

Partnering with Birdeye, Archer’s Bikes elevated their digital game through our comprehensive toolkit designed for social media excellence: 

  • Centralized Social Media Management: With a single click, Archer's Bikes can streamline social media posting across all locations and platforms, ensuring consistent brand messaging and saving hours of manual updating.
  • AI-Generated Content and Images: Our AI tools relive the creative block by suggesting engaging content and visuals, keeping Archer’s Bikes' social feeds fresh and exciting.  
  • Royalty-Free Stock Images Library: Having a vast collection of high-quality images at their fingertips means they will never run out of content ideas. 
  • Instant Review Sharing: Highlighting positive customer experiences is a breeze. Archer's Bikes can now share glowing reviews instantly across their social platforms, boosting their digital reputation.

The integration of Birdeye Social's advanced tools has streamlined Archer’s Bikes operations and significantly enhanced their online visibility and engagement. 

Enhancing Online Visibility and Customer Interaction

Staying engaging and visible online is crucial but challenging, especially for a company with a diverse range like Archer’s Bikes. With Birdeye Social's AI-driven tools, creating content has never been easier. While Archer’s Bikes loves to share user-generated content and snapshots from their community, Birdeye’s AI suggestions and vast image library seamlessly fill in the gaps. This ensures Archer’s Bikes’ social media channels are always active, building stronger connections and driving more sales through enhanced brand visibility.

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"The automated nature and the integration of AI into Birdeye enables us to connect more efficiently with our customers and without the significant time investment."
 Randy Archer
Randy Archer CEO of Archer’s Bikes

Review Sharing

In just three months after adopting Birdeye Social, Archer's Bikes not only doubled their review volume but also saw a notable improvement in their ratings. With Birdeye Social, it made it effortless for them to turn their top reviews into engaging posts for social media, allowing them to showcase their exceptional service quickly and broadly. This approach has elevated the brand's image and attracted new customers, demonstrating the power of sharing positive experiences. By automating the highlight of their best feedback, Archer’s Bikes has significantly enhanced their marketing efforts and customer acquisition process.

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The Birdeye Difference

Archer's Bikes' journey with Birdeye Social has set a new standard for digital engagement within the bike retail sector. Our collaboration has propelled past their initial challenges, leading to significant strides in customer engagement, operational efficiency, and sales growth. By harnessing the power of Birdeye’s innovative tools, Archer Bikes has not only enhanced their digital footprint but also fostered a stronger connection within their community. This partnership highlights our commitments to helping businesses thrive in the digital age, showcasing how the right tools can transform online engagement into tangible results.  

Ready to see the difference for yourself? Schedule a demo today by calling 1-800-561-3357 ext 1, or reach out to us via email at sales@birdeye.com.

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